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Welcome to Bungoma West Hospital
We are a private medical facility, dedicated to providing excellent and affordable healthcare to the people and community. Our purpose is to providing world class treatment and care to our loved ones
Professional and Experienced Staff
Out team of doctors, physicians, pharmacists, technologists, nurses and medical support staff are well trained and struggle to maintain the expected service standards
Excellent Care and Services
Our team is dedicated to providing the best available healthcare and medical services to our loved ones
State of the Art Facilities
We strive to ensure that our labaratories, wards, theatres and medical facilities are upto standard to enable us provide you with excellent health services and care
Ambulance & Emergency Response
The emergency response team is speciallized to respond to casualty cases

Welcome to Bungoma West Hospital

Bungoma West Hospital is a private medical institution dedicated to provide excellent medical services.Located in Bungoma County, Western Kenya,we provide various multi-specialty inpatient and outpatient services in general medicine, surgery, diagnostics, emergency and consultancy. The hospital features state of the art medical facilities and equipment with highly experienced and qualified doctors and medical specialists in the specific areas of specialization who work together to uphold our beliefs of providing exceptional and compassionate yet affordable healthcare while embracing the integrity and dignity of human life which is preciously granted by God.

We provide a range of multi-speciality Inpatient, Outpatient and Patient Care Clinic Services






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