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08 March 2018 9097 Views

Insurance is a form of protection against certain eventualities or loss. The protection is offered by the insurance agency or company in the form of benefits that you subscribe to and pay for. In the same way Health insurance is provided to cater for your medical bills in the eventuality of sickness, accidents or normal medical attention as agreed with your insurer. Therefore, the medical costs that would otherwise have been paid by you are met by your health insurance provider.

26 January 2018 8170 Views

Emergency Response

Does your health provider cover your emergency response needs? Suppose you have a health condition that needs to be quickly addressed and requires immediate and swift medical attention, maybe the baby came a little sooner than expected, or a chest complication caused by an asthma attack; such cases needs to be attended to with quick and timely response that they require.

20 November 2017 3628 Views

Let's use November “Diabetes Awareness Month” to know, learn and understand diabetes.

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a disease in which your blood sugar levels are too high. This is as a result of the body not being able to produce sufficient, or none of hormone insulin, which is responsible for maintaining the blood sugar levels.

09 October 2017 7426 Views

The Malaria Pandemic, Keeping Safe

The onset of the short rains are here, Bungoma has experienced its share of the rains in the past week. With the rains, comes stagnant waters and humid conditions that create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. This has resulted to the sudden outbreak of malaria that has been reported in the North Eastern and Rift Valley parts of Kenya that has so far claimed over 30 lives and several other people diagnosed with the disease.

21 September 2017 7521 Views

Common Cold & Flu

An upper respiratory track (UTI) infection caused due to a virus, is generally termed as Common Cold. Typically, common cold tends to effects children more than adults, though the latter also have their share of common colds infections. Conventional medicine guarantees no failsafe means of preventing the viral infection and no way to cure it, except finding relief from the symptoms. Cold has a lifecycle of about a week, and can be accompanied by sore throat and cough. Contrary to flu, cold does not generally cause high fever beyond 102°F.

21 September 2017 5108 Views

Your Rights as A Patient

Knowing your rights as a patient is an extremely important part of receiving treatment or services at any healthcare facility. Most hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, and other institutions will provide patients with a written list of promises or guarantees about what the patient deserves and can expect from that healthcare facility. While this document may just seem like one more piece of paper in the seeminglyendless slew of release forms and privacy statements,

21 September 2017 2355 Views

There is a constant change in the field of medicine. Both doctors and surgeons have to keep changing their methods and resorts to newer methods all the time in order to provide latest techniques to the patients. Technical advancements in medicine are made to benefit the patients.


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