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Diagnostic Imaging

Bungoma West Hospital’s imaging and radiology department is equipped and designed to provide you withX ray the best available imaging and diagnostic services. We have installed the latest technolgy and state of the art equipment together with radiology proffesionals for support and reporting of obtained images.

Our Radiology department provides the following services





     (Digital X-Ray)

 Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound scan is a painless and safe diagnostic imaging service that uses sound technology and  used to provide diagnostic images of inside your body and internal organs.

Ultrasound scan can be used to:ultrasound

  • diagnose the causes of pain,
  • swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs
  • examine a baby in pregnant women
  • diagnose heart conditions, and assess damage after a heart attack




Doppler Scan

Doppler scan test is a type of non invasive diagnostic test used to estimate the blood flow through blood vessels. Doppler can be used to estimate how fast blood flows by measuring the rate of change in its pitch (frequency) and can be useful to diagnose such conditions as:

  • Blood clots
  • Poorly functioning valves in your leg veins, which can cause blood or other fluids to pool in your legs (venous insufficiency)
  • Heart valve defects and congenital heart disease
  • A blocked artery (arterial occlusion)
  • Decreased blood circulation into your legs (peripheral artery disease)
  • Bulging arteries (aneurysms)
  • Narrowing of an artery, such as in your neck (carotid artery stenosis)

Bungoma West hospital provides you with the best o Doppler scan diagnostic imaging


EKG (electrocardiogram) and ECHO (echocardiogram) are tests to determine heart health and detect potentially serious heart conditions that may be existing. 

An EKG test shows the patterns of your heart as it beats that doctors can use to establish if there are any abnormalities in your heart’s rhythm. A pattern that is too slow, too fast or erratic can indicate abnormal electrical activity.

Echocardiogram uses ultrasound techniques and echoing high-frequency sound waves, to create a visual image of your heart. It produces an internal view the structure of the heart and shows the flow of blood within the heart. Echocardiograms are typically used to diagnosis issues such as blood clots and infections, and they can also be used to detect previous heart attacks.

Digital X-Ray

We pride in having among the few available digital X-ray machines within the region that guarantees to carry out comprehensive and precise X-ray scans to produce the required diagnosis for medical examination and evaluation.radiology




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