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Maternity Services

maternity services  It is every parents dream to have a safe and memorable delivery, that is why we have a specialized maternity care unit for our expectant mothers. Our nurses and doctors understand the need of being there for you before, during and after delivery to guarantee a safe, successful and memorable childbirth procedure.

  Our maternity wards are designed to provide the tranquility and environment to ensure that your newborn’s first few moments in life are special to both the parents and the little one.

  Other Services offered to expectant mothers in our maternity care include

Pre-natal services

   Bungoma West Hospital provides prenatal care throughout the length of a woman’s pregnancy, from the time she seeks pregnancy confirmation all through delivery. Our doctors promote prenatal care, as women who see a health care provider regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies, are less likely to delivery prematurely, and are less likely to have other seriously problems related to delivery.


We have a specialized inpatient delivery general ward. The hospital has good operation theatre facility to meet contingencies where a normal delivery is not progressing as expected and emergency delivery cases. We continue to focus on improving in service quality, streamlining processes, and containing cost

Post natal Care

After delivery, the newborn baby and mother are admitted to the wards and subjected to a series of checkups and examination to ensure that both are healthy and sufficiently in good condition before being discharged.

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